Hey Baby Oh Baby!

Since starting our OurHappiStartBlog we’ve had a few changes to our family. The biggest change is….we had a baby! It was such a huge change for us and we were nervous about the new life in store for us so we took a little break from the blog and really focused on our pregnancy and the birth of our baby. We really wanted to spend all of our energy on the pregnancy and really enjoy the changes in our life.

Now that our baby is 6 months old and we are much better adjusted to our new life, I wanted to come back and share our journey with you. One of the biggest help we had in getting through my pregnancy and preparing for baby’s arrival is from the internet. We did TONS of research, read a lot of blogs and watched so many YouTube videos of new parents sharing information and their lives with their new baby. It was so so helpful. I want to also share my experience with you so you’ll have another point of reference.

Here’s our baby Kai, he arrived 10 days early and made it just in time for last year’s Thanksgiving. He has brought us so much joy (as well as many reality checks of what it means to be parents) and we are so in love with him.



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