Pumping Routine – Working Mom

Pumping is a huge part of my daily life as a new mom. I pump exclusively and I’m always pumping to make sure I have enough milk for baby. One of the side effects of pumping exclusively is that I started to produce way more milk than baby needed in the beginning so I started freezing my milk from when Kai was only one month old. By the time I returned to work, I had already freeze and stored half of my freezer chest with milk.

Since I already have a decent amount of frozen breastmilk, I was able to reduce the number times I pump each day from pumping every 3 hours to pumping 4 times a day. I’m able to pump enough extra milk to replenish my frozen milk supply and still feed my baby fresh breastmilk at least once a day.

One of the ways I prepared myself to go back to work is to research how other mom’s pumping routine. I thought I’d share mine so you guys can have an additional resource to help you figure out what your routine will be like. My daily pumping routine goes like this:

  • 6:00AM – Baby wakes up I pick him up from the crib for a quick cuddle. I leave baby to cuddle with my husband while I get ready to pump.
  • 6:10AM – Pump #1 – I usually produce the most amount of breastmilk during the first pump.
  • 6:30AM – I bottle-feed baby with freshly pumped breastmilk while my husband gets ready.
  • 7:00AM – Change baby’s diaper and change his clothes for the day. Get ready myself for work.
  • 7:30AM – I leave for work. My husband and baby also leaves for grandma’s house.
  • 8:00AM – Start work.
  • 11:30AM – Pump #2 – I usually freeze and store the milk I pump during the second session. Baby is drinking from the frozen milk supply at grandma’s house.
  • 5:00PM – Leave work.
  • 5:30PM – My husband, baby and I all come back home. I prep for my next pump session.
  • 5:40PM – Pump #3 – I usually freeze and store this milk as well. There’s always a frozen milk bag left over so I feed Kai using the frozen supply. Sometimes I’ll directly feed him the freshly pumped milk if I’m too lazy to warm up the frozen milk.
  • 6:00PM – Play with baby.
  • 6:30PM – Starting baby’s bedtime routine with bath.
  • 7:00PM – Feed baby’s last meal of the day. Either my husband will make dinner while I feed Kai or my husband will feed Kai while I make dinner.
  • 7:30PM – Put baby to bed.
  • 8:00PM – Dinner with my husband.
  • 10:00PM – Start getting ready for bed
  • 10:30PM – Pump #4 – last pump of the day before I go to bed.
  • 11:00PM – Sleep

I’d like to keep this pumping routine for as long as I can until baby is 12 months old. Pumping definitely has its pros and cons but I feel like I’ve finally found a system and routine that I’m comfortable with. I’ll make sure to update if anything changes!


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